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Consumer Information

About Consumer Information

Lebanon Ƶ College is pleased to provide additional consumer information on request. Please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications at 717-867-6030 for additional information.

LVC makes available information useful to current and prospective students and their families in accordance with the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and the Student Right-to-Know Act. Below you will find links to information regarding graduation rates and outcomes, financial and loan information, health, and safety information, and more.


Institutional Programs and Services

Academic Programs: Undergraduate&; Graduate
Academic Facilities: Arnold Health Professions Pavilion; Center for Speech, Language, & Hearing Disorders; Clyde A. Lynch ’18 Memorial Hall; Neidig-Garber Science Center
Administrative Offices

Attendance Policy
Career & Job Placement Services
College Accreditation, Licensure, & Certification

Copyright & File Sharing
Copyright Infringement—Policies & Sanctions
Facilities & Services for Students with Accessibility Needs
Full-time Faculty Listing & Information
Full-time Student Tuition & Fees: Undergraduate
Graduate Tuition & Fees
Notice of Non-discrimination
Part-time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees
Privacy of Student Records
Refund Policy & Requirements for Withdrawal & Return of Federal Financial Aid
Strategic Plan—Imagine LVC
Student Activities
Student Affairs Contact Information

Title IX Policy
Transfer & Prior Learning Credit
Voter Registration Information & Forms
Withdrawal Procedures


Tuition & Financial Assistance

Assistance Available from Federal, State, Local, & Institutional Programs
Cohort Default Rate
Cost of Attendance (student financial aid processing budgets)
Full-time Student Tuition & Fees: Undergraduate
Graduate Tuition & Fees
Loan Entrance Counseling
Institutional Code of Conduct for Education Loans
Institutional Refund Policies

Part-time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees
Private Student Loans
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Student Financial Aid Programs


Student Outcomes

Employment and Educational Activities After Graduation
Graduation and Retention Rates
Undergraduate Outcomes




Campus Health & Safety Information

2020-2022 Clery Crime Statistics
2022 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report
2022 Residence Hall Fire Safety
2022 Residence Hall Fire Statistics
2022 Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics
Campus Emergency Procedures
Campus Health & Safety
Campus Security Policies/General College Regulations
Campus Crime & Fire Log (available by request at the Office of Campus Safety)
College Policy on Alcohol
College Policy on Drugs
College Policy on Hazing & Five-year Hazing Report
Crime Reporting
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
Vaccination Policy


Compliance Reviews

2018 Federal Program Review:

Final Program Review Determination Cover Letter
Final Program Review Determination
FY22 Lebanon Ƶ College Financial Statements & Single Audit Report (PDF)
FY21 Lebanon Ƶ College Financial Statements & Single Audit Report (PDF)
FY20 Lebanon Ƶ College Financial Statements & Single Audit Report (PDF)
FY19 Lebanon Ƶ College Financial Statements & Single Audit Report (PDF)


Student Complaints

Reporting Issues & Grievances



Lebanon Ƶ College is dedicated to offering transparent and accurate information to our students, employees, prospective students and their families, and the community at large. Whether intentional or unintentional, a misrepresentation occurs when incorrect, deceitful, or flawed information regarding LVC’s academic programs, tuition and fees, or employment and graduate school outcomes of our alumni is communicated. Lebanon Ƶ College will not allow or condone such misrepresentations. All abuses of this mandate will be thoroughly examined and processes put in place to avoid future occurrences.

If you believe that LVC has misrepresented its educational programs, financial charges, or the employability of its graduates, please contact the campus conduct hotline.


For more information regarding consumer information, feel free to contact:

Jeremy Maisto, assistant dean of academic success and registrar
Humanities 106 | 717-867-6215 | maisto@lvc.edu